Feel The

  • Revolutionary Micro Cellophane Technology powder hard wax
  • Drip-less formula & low melting temperature
  • Rich, velvety texture applies wafer thin & sets atmospherically, contouring the body like a second skin
  • Exfoliates, nourishes & rejuvenates

Unique Wax

Masqua is truly a wax for every individual. Regardless of experience level, Masqua works in harmony with therapists' movements and preferences, giving confidence to achieve a consistently exceptional final result.

Tailored to the individual

Adaptable qualities of Masqua enable beauty therapists of every speed and skill level to perform waxing treatments with unwavering certainty and precision. Therapists can work at the temperature and consistency that they feel comfortable with as Masqua adapts to individual waxing styles and techniques. Masqua can be relied upon to build confidence, enhance the waxing experience and adapt to the way you like to wax.


Extend your client's skincare regime to their waxing treatment and pamper them with a touch of luxury when it's most needed.

Reveal the skins natural beauty

Masqua is enriched with paraffin, omega 3 and hydrating minerals that exfoliate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin. Masqua calms and moisturises the skin and is suited for waxing even the most sensitive and delicate areas of the face and body. Clients will feel the difference as they leave your salon with a sense of tranquillity and soft, naturally beautiful skin.