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Built on strong foundations of creativity and generosity, Caronlab Australia continues to push the boundaries of salon innovation. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. Beauty therapist Lilliane Caron understood the pressures of owning and operating a salon, which sparked her vision to make life easier for beauty therapists the world over. Lilliane has stayed true to her passion, which has fuelled her life's work ever since. Her love and dedication to waxing and strong beliefs have led her to founding Caronlab Australia, Australia's leading wax manufacturer and world-renowned institution for waxing & education.

Over 30 years of knowledge, skill and hard work have crafted Caronlab Australia waxes to the highest standard of quality and performance. Lilliane's relentless pursuit for perfection has culminated in the creation of Masqua, the world's first powdered hard wax.

"Since day one, Caronlab's mission has been to inspire the waxing world. Our knowledge and expertise is founded on a genuine desire to help beauty therapists bring out the best in each and every treatment. The creation of Masqua expresses our continued passion for waxing innovation and we hope to share this enthusiasm with every therapist we encounter. Masqua's unique features embody all that we have strived to achieve since the very beginning and the results exceed even our highest expectations. Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, that's creativity. Caronlab's heart and loyalty rests faithfully in the Australian beauty industry and it is with much gratitude that we continue to support our local market. It is our great pleasure to offer Masqua, a timeless wax that will be used by beauty therapists for decades to come."
Lilliane Caron

Feel the difference as you experience the beauty of Masqua, the luxurious waxing and skincare treatment in one.